Challenge for Children: Photography Under Fire

Recently I was contacted to shoot a charity paintball event called Challenge for Children. It consists of over 700 people playing one massive game of paintball and all proceeds are given to Children's Hospital of Minnesota. The event raised over $30,000.

Photographing the event presented its own challenges. The weather was severe with rain pouring down. Luckily, I had just bought myself a full rain suit and rain cover for my 5dmk3. The down side was my waterproof shoes weren't so helpful when I was in almost knee-deep water in the flooded fields.  Being shot was a reality while shooting (photos that is). Even when I  was in open space I was likely to get caught in the crossfire so I had to pay close attention to what was going on around me near and far. Shooting was also difficult because I had to have a face mask on at all times; no if's, and's, or but's. Seeing out of the viewfinder on the camera through the paintball mask was difficult but was even harder while on the move. In the end, it was extremely fun to shoot given all the challenges shooting paintball presents and I only got shot about 10 times.