Pints and Pinball

There is no such thing as downtime when you are freelance. After a busy spring with client work a week opened up and with that we took the opportunity to shoot some fun test work. Pulling together a killer team, we spent the afternoon working with the models to create a fun and energetic shoot.  Its hard to not have a good time when you have such an energetic group of models and some of the best pinball machines in town.

Producer: Tanya Silver

2nd camera/ Ronin Operator:  Chris Worlow

Assistant: Matthew Hintz

Hair/ MUA: Amber Young

Wardrobe:Julie Caruso

Video Editor: Joseph McMahon

Location Scout: Charlotte Ariss

Location: Nomad World Pub

Talent: Moore Creative and Agency Models and Talent


BTS Boomarang Dance Party with Joseph MacMhon showing off his sweet dance movies.