K Rose Cattle

Just outside of Threeforks, Montana lies a small cattle ranch in a large plane encircled by mountains. Here the Rose family operates their cattle business which is a tireless job. Caring for over 2,000 head of cattle is a full time job with little to no time off. Their day starts before the sun and ends well after twilight.  

We worked alongside the family for a day and a half capturing stills and video of the hard work they put in running the ranch. Fortunately for us, shooting in Early November worked well to our advantage because the mud had frozen, making it easy to maneuver around the ranch. 

We talk a lot about passion in the arts, but something we find impressive is the passion others have for their life and careers. The Rose family are truly inspiring with their tireless work and commitment to family.

Kuhl Family Dairy Farm


Recently we traveled to the Kuhl family dairy farm in Wisconsin to capture the family working with their cows. We arrived at the farm just as the sun was rising over the cow barn. Shooting quickly, we followed the farmers as their did their normal morning routines. It's fast paced constantly dealing with changing light going from inside the barns to the outdoors. You have to be quick on your toes and your camera settings to hang with these farmers.  Their milk is used to make cheese and butter for a local dairy co-op.

The highlights of the shoot was when we finished and hung out in the dairy barn and drank fresh milk. The perfect way to cap off a great shoot.

Winfield Solutions

This past May we traveled down to Iowa with the good people from Colle+McVoy for a day shoot with Winfield Solutions. The shoot was focused on a new type of planter and Tech in the field. We started the day before the sun was up, and by the end of the day had a diverse library of images for the client.

Late Fall Harvest

It’s not often that you travel the snow covered roads in rural Wisconsin to shoot corn harvest but that is exactly the situation we found ourselves in this past November. An unseasonably large snow storm struck the Midwest leaving many farmers in an interesting situation, finishing harvest in the snow with temps near 0 for the highs.

The positive side to the weather was the fact that the snow acted as a wonderful bounce for the sun giving great light just about anywhere we wanted to shoot. 

Enjoy these select images from the day and stay tuned to a whole crop of fresh work coming out over the next few months.