Fitness Photography

Warehouse Workout

Who -

Fitness models Brittany and Phil from Ruggiero Models and Talent

Stylist: Emily Baynard

What -

Stills & Motion test shoot

When -

A sunny February morning

Where -

The awesome raw space right next door to our studio

Fun -

While we were prepping for the shoot, Brittany & Phil began warming up a bit. We turn around to Brittany whipping out a few handstand push-ups and were in awe! Her skills ended up being the hero of the shoot.


Lifetime Fitness: Minneapolis Triathlon 2015

This past summer we worked with the Event marketing team from Lifetime Fitness to create a library of images from their summer events, including the MPLS Triathlon.  After a few phone calls and countless emails we had come up with the key features we wanted to focus on; people having fun and the scenic location of the event.

The day of the event flew by, shooting as the sun rose over the lake. A good part of the day was spent on the back of a motorcycle chasing the cyclists around the pro loop which is over 15 miles long. The loop travels along Minnehaha Creek then around Lake Harriett which gave us many scenic angles. 

At the end of the day we capture the hard work and joy of these athletes and delivered a diverse library of work to the client.