Healthcare photography

Rasmussen School of Health Science

Some shoots require crazy call times. Our shoot with Rasmussen College was no exception. We were brought in to shoot new collateral for the School of Health Science. Given the clinic and pharmacy settings we shot in, we had to work around their schedules. With that, we shot the clinic images at night until after 11:00 pm. We brough enough lights to shoot through the lobby windows, creating a daylight look well after sunset.

The next morning, we had a call time at 5:00am at the pharmacy, with a hard out by 8am so they could open to the public. Working quickly, we shot 3 different scenes. We used the battery powered Profoto B1 lights which allowed us to shoot quickly and not waste time hiding cords or looking for power sources.

Our team worked like a well oiled machine. We got in, set up, shot, and packed out without missing a beat. The final images can be seen on the Rasmussen College School of Health Sciences website, social media, and web advertisements.


Producer: Tanya Silver
First Assistant: Greg Shaal
Second Assistant: Alyssa Justice
Digi Tech: Peter Hunner
Stylist: Ann Marshik
Stylist Assistant: Anna K Olson
Craft Services: Amy Lovestrand
Hair/MUA: Ashlee Ellert
Location Scout: Charlotte Ariss

As always here are a few BTS shots as well.



Douglas County Hospital

Earlier this fall we spent the day working with long time client Douglas County Hospital creating an image library to be used in print, social and web. No matter how many times we work together there is always something new and exciting to shoot. This time we got access to the Lab which proved to be an amazing and visually awesome location. 

Since we are shooting in an active hospital with on duty Doctors and nurses we are limited with how long we have to shoot, normally 20 to 30 minutes per scene. Because of the time constraints set up time is critical.  Using LED light panels it makes for very fast set up and minimal tear down between locations within the hospital. Another time saver is the use of an Eyefi card which allows the camera to send out low res JPG's to a tablet wirelessly. Having freedom to move without restriction while the art director can watch what we are getting as we go is priceless.