Minnesota agriculture photographer

AgriGold Kentucky 2018

Who: Client: AgriGold Agency: FLM Harvest

What: Stills & Motion Campaign

When: 5/30/18-6/1/18

Where: Kentucky

Fun: Facing a sub-tropical storm head-on! Only a few hours to shoot before the massive storm hit us, we moved quickly and efficiently while getting everything done. The tornado sirens went off and we had to head indoors for a couple of hours to wait it out. In the end, we walked away with some great images and video for the client (and a great story!).


ADM: Still & Motion Library Shoot

ADM: Still & Motion Library Shoot

Joining forces with ADM & DKY for a still & motion library shoot had our team craving a sweet treat - and that’s something we'll never turn down.

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Pioneer Alfalfa: Imperial Valley, CA

This past December as the snow lay on the ground here in Minnesota, we traveled out to the Imperial Valley area of California for a shoot with Pioneer DuPont. The warmth was a welcome change as we spent two days in the Alfalfa fields capturing a variety of images. Normally with Ag shoots the middle of the day isn't ideal for shooting since the sun is directly over head. Fortunately for us, shooting in December the sun was much lower in the sky, allowing us to keep going all day out in the field.

This shoot was also the first we shot entirely on the new Canon 5dmkiv and we couldn't be more happy with the outcome. The camera's dynamic range is leaps and bounds better than the older 5dmkiii. It allowed us to keep details in the highlights as well as pull details from the shadows unlike we had been able to before. We also shot a fair amount tethered to the new 15in Mac Book Pro which was easily able to keep up with the camera even when shooting bursts. When not tethered, we were able to send preview images from the camera directly to an iPad so the client could keep watching the shots as we went along.


Producer: Sarah Fisher

Assistant: Alyssa Justice

Digital Tech: Peter Hunner

Agency: The Lacek Group


A little BTS Shenanigans. 

Kuhl Family Dairy Farm


Recently we traveled to the Kuhl family dairy farm in Wisconsin to capture the family working with their cows. We arrived at the farm just as the sun was rising over the cow barn. Shooting quickly, we followed the farmers as their did their normal morning routines. It's fast paced constantly dealing with changing light going from inside the barns to the outdoors. You have to be quick on your toes and your camera settings to hang with these farmers.  Their milk is used to make cheese and butter for a local dairy co-op.

The highlights of the shoot was when we finished and hung out in the dairy barn and drank fresh milk. The perfect way to cap off a great shoot.

The Airfield

Personal projects are the lifeblood of any creative. They allow you total creative freedom, a chance to experiment and learn what works and what doesn't. This particular project took us to a small airfield North of Des Moines. This airfield is home to a small, family owned and operated aerial application business, crop dusting as its known to most.

On a hot cloudless day in July we hung out in the hangers shooting with the mechanic/pilot who has been in the business for over 30 years. There is something inspirational about someone who knows every facet of their business and can problem solve on the fly. After spending the morning and early afternoon shooting in the hanger the wind finally dropped below 20 MPH so he was able to head out to spray the fields near by. The skill of the pilot was amazing, dodging trees and flying over the fields with extreme precision. At the end of the day we ended up with a unique visual story and an amazing life experience.