Kelly Harrison | Montana Fly Gal

We headed west this past spring to meet up with Kelly Harrison and tell her story of being a female fly fishing guide. Montana's scenic rivers and mountains surrounded us as we spent the day capturing stills and video with her.


Editing: Rob Prochnow
Colorist: Nice Shoes
Music: Musicbed


The Snow Makers


At ski areas like Welch Village a dedicated team plays Mother Nature every fall/early winter. When the temps are right these folks go out in the freezing cold to make snow for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy all winter long. People like Perry Eisert are the unsung heroes who make winter happen even if the skies don't make enough snow. 

We spent two days working with the gang at Welch following them around the frozen hills getting blasted with water and snow. We shot with our new camera the Canon C200 which shoots beautiful 4k RAW video as well as a Canon 5dkmiv for 2nd angles. These cameras and lenses are tough and held up well in the harsh conditions.

Next time you are out at your local ski hill be sure to thank the snow makers for all their cold hard work.

2nd Camera: Spencer Nelson
Drone: Mike Meloche
Editor: Rob Prochnow

Montana: Adventures in the Mountains

At the end of January we traveled to Montana for vacation. We left behind all the SLR's and lenses and chose to only bring a Fuji x100t along for the week.  Using the x100t was a joy in its simplicity and quality. Using it allowed us to focus more on our vacation and not on lenses and gear. 

Kicker Project

This past spring I worked with The Kicker Project to shoot new images for the social media as well and promotional materials. The Kicker Project is a great program that provides the tools for underprivileged kids to go snowboard, which is a costly sport. 

The goal of the day on snow was to capture the interaction of the coaches and students, and the joy of being on snow.  throughout the day we rode different runs and capture the raw emotion of snowboarding as they unfolded.