Passion Projects

Workbook Interview

We sat down with The Workbook team earlier this year and shared a few stories about our journey into the world of still and motion photography. Featuring a few of our favorite personal projects, The Workbook’s interview also touches on our hope to have more similar work in the future.

Kelly Harrison | Montana Fly Gal

We headed west this past spring to meet up with Kelly Harrison and tell her story of being a female fly fishing guide. Montana's scenic rivers and mountains surrounded us as we spent the day capturing stills and video with her.


Editing: Rob Prochnow
Colorist: Nice Shoes
Music: Musicbed


Amy Imdieke Hooping

Sometimes you need to go and shoot just for the joy of it, this is one of those projects. Amy Imdieke is a Senior Graphic Designer in Minneapolis. Out side of her day job she is a member of the hula hooping dance troupe known as the Twistin Vixens.

Amy's skills with the hoop is a site to behold. As Amy did her thing we followed along with her capturing the movements. Her diverse bag of tricks in the end shined throughout the project.


Pints and Pinball

There is no such thing as downtime when you are freelance. After a busy spring with client work a week opened up and with that we took the opportunity to shoot some fun test work. Pulling together a killer team, we spent the afternoon working with the models to create a fun and energetic shoot.  Its hard to not have a good time when you have such an energetic group of models and some of the best pinball machines in town.

Producer: Tanya Silver

2nd camera/ Ronin Operator:  Chris Worlow

Assistant: Matthew Hintz

Hair/ MUA: Amber Young

Wardrobe:Julie Caruso

Video Editor: Joseph McMahon

Location Scout: Charlotte Ariss

Location: Nomad World Pub

Talent: Moore Creative and Agency Models and Talent


BTS Boomarang Dance Party with Joseph MacMhon showing off his sweet dance movies.

Teresa Audet: Handmade Wooden Goods

Being connected to your work in a personal way is something that we always strive for as visual creatives. Seeing other creatives that have a personal connection to their work is inspiring. Recently, we worked with Teresa Audet who crafts handmade wooden goods. By working mainly with hand tools she has a true understanding of each piece that she makes that would be lost using power tools.