Pioneer Alfalfa: Imperial Valley, CA

This past December as the snow lay on the ground here in Minnesota, we traveled out to the Imperial Valley area of California for a shoot with Pioneer DuPont. The warmth was a welcome change as we spent two days in the Alfalfa fields capturing a variety of images. Normally with Ag shoots the middle of the day isn't ideal for shooting since the sun is directly over head. Fortunately for us, shooting in December the sun was much lower in the sky, allowing us to keep going all day out in the field.

This shoot was also the first we shot entirely on the new Canon 5dmkiv and we couldn't be more happy with the outcome. The camera's dynamic range is leaps and bounds better than the older 5dmkiii. It allowed us to keep details in the highlights as well as pull details from the shadows unlike we had been able to before. We also shot a fair amount tethered to the new 15in Mac Book Pro which was easily able to keep up with the camera even when shooting bursts. When not tethered, we were able to send preview images from the camera directly to an iPad so the client could keep watching the shots as we went along.


Producer: Sarah Fisher

Assistant: Alyssa Justice

Digital Tech: Peter Hunner

Agency: The Lacek Group


A little BTS Shenanigans. 

Montana: Adventures in the Mountains

At the end of January we traveled to Montana for vacation. We left behind all the SLR's and lenses and chose to only bring a Fuji x100t along for the week.  Using the x100t was a joy in its simplicity and quality. Using it allowed us to focus more on our vacation and not on lenses and gear. 

A Need to Explore: Two Friends on Two Amazing Adventures

Two different friends of ours are on truly inspiring adventures. We felt the need to share what they are up to.


Jonathan Chapman, a commercial photographer from Minneapolis, and his family have embarked on a 4 month, globe trotting family sabbatical. Jonathan, his wife and two kids are traveling New Zealand, Thailand, Japan and Europe over 4 months. Each family member is writing blog posts and documenting their trip. Check out their blog, The Family Sabbatical, to read about their adventures and beautiful photos.

The Chapman Family in New Zealand

The Chapman Family in New Zealand

Anna, a stylist we have worked with many times, and her husband Carl started on January 1, 2016 on a year long adventure. Taking with them a van and camper they are spending a week in each of the 50 states as well as Washington D.C. Follow their adventures and weekly videos on their site US Anywhere.

Anna and Carl

Anna and Carl

It’s great to see such creative people exploring the world in different ways and sharing their stories with us. 


Los Angeles

This past May I went out to LA to visit with my Brother who just bought a new house. Vacations don't mean I stop working though, I carried at minimum 2 cameras with me at all times. 

The Rockies

Earlier this past month I took some time off to travel to Colorado with my girlfriend. We spent a couple nights in Boulder and Denver then headed up into the mountains for some camping. Along the trip I couldn't help but stop periodically to shoot the vast mountains. The highlight of the trip was when we reached the peak of Mount Elbert, the highest mountain in the Rockies, which tops out at 14,433ft. It took us over 10 hours to complete the hike but it was well worth the work.