hickey photography

Goodbye Winter

There is something calm and beautiful about winter in Minnesota.  Now that the weather is getting into the 60's and most of the snow has long melted away we reflect back on a shoot along the Mississippi River in St. Paul. The day could not have been better, cool over cast skies and fresh snow on the ground gave the imagery a peaceful and tranquil quality. Once the shoot wrapped the crew headed over to Mickeys Diner for breakfast and conversation.

Form From Form

A few cold nights this past fall were spent shooting with Atom Pechman of Form From Form. You might not know his name but you probably have seen his handy work at places like Coup D'etat, Smack Shack, Lyn Lake Brewing among many other local restaurants. Atom's has built custom bars, lights and art installations for all of these places. Atom also builds custom furniture, and lighting for homes. His shop is a builders dream with every tool you could dream of. His creativity is truly inspiring and brilliant.

 It’s refreshing to work with other creatives and see what inspires them which in turns helps you find new channels of inspiration.



Winter Biking

Sometimes you just need to go out into the woods with a close friend and shoot mountain biking while it’s snowing. Yeah, this was one of those times.