lifestyle photography

Addington Co.

With a love of traditional methods, Chip Addington crafts bags with a modern twist. We spent a few days shooting with him, following his process to create waxed nylon bags. 

Chip's work space is a photographer's dream, with big windows filling the room with soft natural light. We shot a lot of tight details to highlight the level of care and precision that goes into each bag he makes.


Exploration of Film

Exploration is a key component to photography constantly looking for new techniques or gear. In that evolution sometimes things will come full circle, making a return to film photography is just that. There is something romantic about shooting film, the unknown until it’s developed, the grain and the way different films render colors. Shooting with digital it's easy to trust the screen and not your own intuitions and your skill to make a good image. It was a fun challenge to slow down, think a bit more before pressing the shutter and having to wait to see the final outcome. The hardest part about shooting film is taking the time to scan it all in. Using an Epson v800 to scan 180 images to make final selects took a few days, but the results were worth the effort.

Gear- Canon EOS 3, Kodak Portra 400 film

Talent- Julia and Josie from Moore Creative

Pints and Pinball

There is no such thing as downtime when you are freelance. After a busy spring with client work a week opened up and with that we took the opportunity to shoot some fun test work. Pulling together a killer team, we spent the afternoon working with the models to create a fun and energetic shoot.  Its hard to not have a good time when you have such an energetic group of models and some of the best pinball machines in town.

Producer: Tanya Silver

2nd camera/ Ronin Operator:  Chris Worlow

Assistant: Matthew Hintz

Hair/ MUA: Amber Young

Wardrobe:Julie Caruso

Video Editor: Joseph McMahon

Location Scout: Charlotte Ariss

Location: Nomad World Pub

Talent: Moore Creative and Agency Models and Talent


BTS Boomarang Dance Party with Joseph MacMhon showing off his sweet dance movies.

Lakes and Legends: From Minneapolis With Rural Minnesota Roots

Last summer we teamed up with Lakes and Legends Brewing Company to create a library of stills for their website, print and social media. Their brand focuses on farm to table beers, working with local farmers whenever possible to get supplies for their brews. 

We spent the day on two farms in Western Minnesota capturing iconic farm images, textures and other details that would tie into their brand. The shoot was very relaxed, the Lakes and Legends crew trusting us, let us just shoot away all day. By dusk we had a wide variety of images for them to work with, so we kicked back and raised a glass to a successful days work.

Goodbye Winter

There is something calm and beautiful about winter in Minnesota.  Now that the weather is getting into the 60's and most of the snow has long melted away we reflect back on a shoot along the Mississippi River in St. Paul. The day could not have been better, cool over cast skies and fresh snow on the ground gave the imagery a peaceful and tranquil quality. Once the shoot wrapped the crew headed over to Mickeys Diner for breakfast and conversation.