minneapolis editorial photographer

Open Season

Waiting patiently in the tall grass along the banks of a cold Minnesota lake, two hunters perform the ritual of the hunt.

This is a collective project with Jules Ameel to capture the mood and environment of a duck hunt.  Its always fun to work along side other creatives in the field, bouncing ideas, angles etc off of each other as the shoot goes.

We spent a full morning wading around in the water with our two hunters in the tall grass. The hardest part of this shoot was trying to not trip in the water while holding our cameras. 


Stills- Hickey Photography
DP- Jules Ameel
Video Editing- Jake Strassman

Walgreens World

A few weeks back we got a last minute call from HDG in Chicago about an editorial shoot in Minneapolis. The shoot was for Walgreens World, an internal magazine, the images were of two managers from one of their stores in Minneapolis. The topic of the article is how local buyers make their purchases based on the needs of the area. This Walgreens is located right in Dinkytown near TCF stadium so they carry a lot of U of M and Vikings items. The art director wanted the two managers decked out in U of M gear that the store carried.  The catch to the shoot was we had very little time to do it, Christmas was coming up quickly as was the due date for the magazine. We had about a 3 day window to get everything set.

After a couple of emails and a phone call we decided on the look. Using Google Earth I sent possible location selects from around Minneapolis. In the end we decided on shooting outside the stadium since it would tie in best with the story.

The day of the shoot we rolled into the location and met with the two managers. They brought with them items from the store so we made our picks and got to shooting. We did a handful of different locations around the stadium, Both Managers were naturals in front of the lens. Everything went smoothly with lots of jokes being told. We ended up with some great images that the client was ecstatic about.

 Below are the two final selects from the day.

A few more selects from the day.