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Lakes and Legends: From Minneapolis With Rural Minnesota Roots

Last summer we teamed up with Lakes and Legends Brewing Company to create a library of stills for their website, print and social media. Their brand focuses on farm to table beers, working with local farmers whenever possible to get supplies for their brews. 

We spent the day on two farms in Western Minnesota capturing iconic farm images, textures and other details that would tie into their brand. The shoot was very relaxed, the Lakes and Legends crew trusting us, let us just shoot away all day. By dusk we had a wide variety of images for them to work with, so we kicked back and raised a glass to a successful days work.

Lifetime Fitness: Minneapolis Triathlon 2015

This past summer we worked with the Event marketing team from Lifetime Fitness to create a library of images from their summer events, including the MPLS Triathlon.  After a few phone calls and countless emails we had come up with the key features we wanted to focus on; people having fun and the scenic location of the event.

The day of the event flew by, shooting as the sun rose over the lake. A good part of the day was spent on the back of a motorcycle chasing the cyclists around the pro loop which is over 15 miles long. The loop travels along Minnehaha Creek then around Lake Harriett which gave us many scenic angles. 

At the end of the day we capture the hard work and joy of these athletes and delivered a diverse library of work to the client.

Open Season

Waiting patiently in the tall grass along the banks of a cold Minnesota lake, two hunters perform the ritual of the hunt.

This is a collective project with Jules Ameel to capture the mood and environment of a duck hunt.  Its always fun to work along side other creatives in the field, bouncing ideas, angles etc off of each other as the shoot goes.

We spent a full morning wading around in the water with our two hunters in the tall grass. The hardest part of this shoot was trying to not trip in the water while holding our cameras. 


Stills- Hickey Photography
DP- Jules Ameel
Video Editing- Jake Strassman

The Airfield

Personal projects are the lifeblood of any creative. They allow you total creative freedom, a chance to experiment and learn what works and what doesn't. This particular project took us to a small airfield North of Des Moines. This airfield is home to a small, family owned and operated aerial application business, crop dusting as its known to most.

On a hot cloudless day in July we hung out in the hangers shooting with the mechanic/pilot who has been in the business for over 30 years. There is something inspirational about someone who knows every facet of their business and can problem solve on the fly. After spending the morning and early afternoon shooting in the hanger the wind finally dropped below 20 MPH so he was able to head out to spray the fields near by. The skill of the pilot was amazing, dodging trees and flying over the fields with extreme precision. At the end of the day we ended up with a unique visual story and an amazing life experience.



Form From Form

A few cold nights this past fall were spent shooting with Atom Pechman of Form From Form. You might not know his name but you probably have seen his handy work at places like Coup D'etat, Smack Shack, Lyn Lake Brewing among many other local restaurants. Atom's has built custom bars, lights and art installations for all of these places. Atom also builds custom furniture, and lighting for homes. His shop is a builders dream with every tool you could dream of. His creativity is truly inspiring and brilliant.

 It’s refreshing to work with other creatives and see what inspires them which in turns helps you find new channels of inspiration.