state of hockey

MN Power Hockey

In a suburb just North of  Minneapolis there is a dedicated group of hockey players that get together throughout the summer months. This is the MN Power Hockey league. This fast paced game is for people of all abilities with one common thing, all the players are in powered wheelchairs.

We teamed up with the league to produce a short video highlighting the sport, and what it means to be a part of it. Shooting the games was a fun challenge given the speed of Power Hockey.  Working with the athletes was great, they were so willing to share their stories and passion for the game. We hope that this video will help spread awareness for the game and hopefully get more people involved in the sport. To learn more head over to the MN Power Hockey website.


Producer: Tanya Silver
2nd Camera: Chris Savage
Assistant: Tim Baer
Audio: Hyun Lee
Editor/color: Jason Fliehler